Metal Slug Complete PC (2010)

February 2010. Four years after it’s release, Metal Slug 6  is finally available for PC!

Metal Slug Complete PC is game pack consisting of 7 games: metal slug 1, 2, x, 3, 4, 5 and 6. While some of them were available on pc since last year, they didn’t get much attention, as it was a Korean-only release, and included just the first 4 games.

Metal Slug 4 and 5 are nice addition, but they were available for the pc through various emulators, NeoRageX and MAME being the most popular choice.  It can be even played  online with Winkawaks emulator. Story of Metal Slug 6 is a bit different; the arcade version was released for the Sammy Atomiswave arcade platform instead of Neo-Geo platform in 2006. PS2 port came in late 2006 with additional features, like sound and art galeries and combat school. Later, it came out as a part of Metal Slug Anthology for Wii, PS2 and PSP.

So it cannot be emulated at all? Not quite, as Metal Slug 6 is playable on ps2 emulator, although random freezing, framerate dropping and other glitches prevent it from being perfectly emulated. Constant development of Dolphin emulator for the Wii version sure looks promising. Atomiswave arcade platform emulation is in early development and currently supported under MAME emulator as the Metal Slug 6 rom was dumped at the end of the January 2011.

Wii : bugs
PS2 : less bugs
PSP: more bugs
MAME/Demul : ?

Sure, Metal Slug 6 for consoles have more extras, but is PC version not enough?  On Default, it runs at  800×600 resolution @30fps, without framedrops, but without any graphic options, either. There are minor glitches with shadows, but that is easily overlooked. The problem lies with saving the progress, as the saving is similar to “save states”, type of instant save games, enabling players to save and load at any time, which is broken, and makes saving progress temporal. Other options include setting the sound volume and music library. The game itself comes with few extra settings, most of them depend on your save game which sucks as you have to beat the game on hard to unlock most things, and that is not an easy task, and you can’t make a permanent save…

If you want to buy the game, try with amazon.

Minimum System Requirements:OS:
Windows XP or above
Direct X: Direct X 9.0c
CPU: 1.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor or equivalent
System Memory: XP: 512MB, Vista / Win7: 1GB
Hard Drive Space: 2.5GB
Video card: Direct X 9.0c with 128MB of Video RAM
Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
Input devices: Keyboard or Joystick


  • Metal Slug 6 emulated & runs at full speed
  • Music Gallery
  • Works under Windows7
  • Localised  on English, French, German,Italian and French
  • Gamepads are supported, each game has a different control setting


  • Save system is broken
  • No graphic options, games on default run at 800×600 resolution
  • Metal Slug 6 has a few graphical gliches here and there
  • No Credits. Metal Slug 1-5 comes with max 25 lives. There is sadly no way to change this, no 2 player trainers, either : P
  • Two players can’t play together using only a keyboard

On 12.04.2010, Reloaded released an official Scene release, it differs from this one in few things :
It has to be cracked to run, as it requires activation, and more importantly, it has a manual in 5 languages… which… only covered the basis controls, featured some screenshots and is only 3 pages long… :

Adjusting the Display Mode for Metal Slug Complete PC
You can play Metal Slug Complete PC in Window Mode or in different
full screen resolutions by adding the following command line arguments
when you run Metal Slug PC:

-W1: Run Metal Slug PC in a standard size window Window Mode

-R640: Run Metal Slug PC in Full Screen Mode in 640X480 resolution
-R800: Run Metal Slug PC in Full Screen Mode in 800X600 resolution
-R1024: Run Metal Slug PC in Full Screen Mode with 1024X768 resolution
-R1280: Run Metal Slug PC in Full Screen Mode with 1280X1024 resolution

The easiest way to add command line arguments is to create a shortcut
to the Metal Slug PC Program, then right mouse click on the shortcut,
and add the command line argument at the end of the “Target” field.

For example add “-W1″ (without quotes) at the end of the command to run
in window mode.

Matt Berg says:

I’ve discovered that you’re wrong. Those numbers for the resolutions are the vertical values, not the horizontal ones. Aka -R800 will put the game in 1024×800 and -R1024 will make the screen 1280×1024 (this is the same as TV resolutions. 1080P = 1600×1080 or whatever).

Also, setting -W1 is a terrible way to make it windowed. That makes it windowed with the lowest possible resolution the game can put itself in. Try -W1024 or -W800 instead.

Serial :  there are at least 3 confirmed releases of this game: the original release (came out without the manual, no serial, no crack needed), the Reloaded release(has manuals, has to be cracked) and the others are the rips of the two which for some reason require a serial. So, get yourself the reloaded release and follow the installation instructions.

Metal Slug 1-5 Pack (125mb) : Contains NeorageX 5.2 emulator and Metal Slug 1,2,3,4,5,X roms. This is the most popular altrenative for the PC. Works perfectly under any windows, requires 450mhz with 128mb of ram. Has graphic filters, unlimited credits, many other options and 2 players can play using only one keyboard (lol) or any combination of gamepads.

Full Metal Slug Complete PC (Reloaded release, worth only for the Metal Slug 6) :

  1. Download from piratebay ?
  2. Unrar.
  3. Burn or mount the image.
  4. Install the game.
  5. Copy over the cracked content.
  6. Play the game.
  7. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT FOR Wii or PS2 (Those have unlimited lives?)

Metal Slug +2 Trainer v1.1, download it from here.

updated on 01.10.2012.

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  1. mohameddey says:

    onion44 محبتش تمشي

  2. merci cet jeux de mtal sluge

  3. saab says:

    plz send me the activation code of game plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Julia Robyn says:

    I hope the admin will offer a free download of the game.
    Julia Robyn recently posted..Rheumatoid arthritis – is Celebrex good for this?My Profile

  5. siraj says:

    good game easy & faster

  6. KEN says:

    Basically, I am having problem with the trainers. How am I gonna activate them if I don’t have any numpads on my laptops?
    The game works perfectly for two players, one on keyboard and another on joystick. LoL. Tried just now. Frustratingly, not enough lives to survive~

  7. seen says:

    your trainer dont work on laptop
    try this trainer work on desktop and laptop
    seen recently posted..Last Exile 2 – Fam, The Silver Wing (2011)My Profile

  8. Medo says:

    MU links down, switching to mediafire

  9. ciren says:

    ..>good day, can u please reupload the trainer cause megaupload is down. thanks in advance..

  10. ciddi says:

    is this the pc version or neo geo version ?

  11. kapil says:

    please send me the activation code of metal slug complete pc

  12. Amit says:

    please send me a activation code of metal slug complete pc game.

  13. Mitsumi says:

    Hello, how to play 2 players? i can play 1 playyers but my sister didn’t play 2 players ;_;

  14. Alice says:

    Hello? Can you help me?

    I can’t play Metal Slug because serial number, how to get serial number

  15. Jyb says:

    Part 5 seems to be down ?

  16. rabin shrestha says:

    how to play 2 players?

  17. fofo says:

    mail me at
    for questions on metal slug complete pc crack and installation

  18. fofo says:

    solution for serial metal slug complete pc
    the truth is there is no serial for this game. all u nid are the crack.
    i downloaded this game and had same problem as many of u searching for the serial but found none. i was going to delete the iso image then i realised there were 2 files in the crack folder. i reinstalled the game and copied the 2 files in the crack folder and this beautiful games begins to run. i was so excited.
    solution: check the crack folder copy the 2 files and paste in your c drive, metal slug folder. it would ask if you want to replace. click replace send a copy of the file with the metal slug icon to your desk top or lunch game from there. enjoy the game . if u have any questions respond to ma comment and i will get back to u.

  19. MANISH says:

    crack folder does not work

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